At the beginning of the fitness season – what’s new in the eFitness team?

This summer was heated not only by temperature! A lot was going on in our organization – in June, we returned to the office for good, we worked on large projects and prepared ourselves thoroughly for the beginning of the season in fitness clubs.

Great projects

September is the hot time before the launch of the new eFitness App. The last tests are underway to tie up some loose ends. So that the application will be in the hands of club members at the beginning of October. Find out more about the new functionalities of the application for fitness clubs here. However, the new application means not only new features but also a modern look and many personalization options for the branding of your club! We are already looking forward to it!

That’s not all!
During the summer, we didn’t slow down for a moment! We launched a brand new Knowledge Base, a place where every user of the system will find an answer to a question bothering him. In addition to the instructions, there are also video tutorials and information about new products being implemented.
See how the Knowledge Base works in the video.

Extra support
Large projects require additional support, which is why as many as 12 new people have recently joined our team – developers, an IT specialist, and people to support the Helpdesk department. And here are almost seventy of us, seems a lot, right? In July, we were able to catch a great photo, and many vacationers are still missing! 😉

The new office – Pixel_5
We have been in the new office since February, but it was only during the summer holidays that we had some time to beautify our new space. The office takes on a blush thanks to the photos in the corridors and the Superhero theme visible in the conference rooms (yes, in our office you will not only find the Heroes department but also rooms under the care of Iron Man, Thor, and other Marvel superheroes). According to this principle, everyone can become a superhero with us and help with the arrangement. 😉

After hours
There was some time to relax together. The terraces in the new office and the beautiful weather in August were perfect for the meetings. We broke away from features, sprints, and projects for a while to meet over… tea. Agata from One Cup of Tea, thanks to unusual stories and tea infusions, took us on a journey to Nepal. We have to repeat this!

This year, the start of the fitness club season was different than usual, but we are glad that you are doing well after all. We continuously support the operation of clubs and implement new features in our software. There are more and more users of the eFitness system!

The summer months were a nice mix of hard work and relaxation for us. Autumn seems to be as well as challenging! If you are curious about our everyday work – follow us on Instagram!

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