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The Aggregation of Marginal Gains - How learnings from the British Cycling team can generate more revenue for your Health Club.

joehall, 28 Jul 2019

Before 2003, Great British cycling had been miserable, stale and downright disappointing. In the last 100 years prior to that point, British cyclists had just one gold medal to their name and no GB rider had ever achieved a victory in the Tour De France. 

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The 5 biggest mistakes your Health Club is making.

joehall, 23 Jul 2019

“Mistakes are always forgivable, it takes real courage to admit them.” – Bruce Lee.

In the Fitness Industry, most of us are very proud people. Putting our hands up and saying ‘Look, we’re doing this all wrong’, can be very difficult at times.

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How much does your Health Club really know about each generation?

joehall, 15 Jul 2019

In this article, I seek to share my views on how Health Club Operators can really capitalise on the distinguishing qualities and characteristics which separate each generational group. 

We will look at the following cohorts; 

Babyboomers: –

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How to leave long-lasting impressions of your health club. 7 tips to guarantee your ex-members come back

joehall, 8 Jul 2019

For the last seven months, I have been travelling around Asia, mainly residing in Vietnam. Through living the expatriate life, I have seen a number of fitness facilities on the continent. I’d like to share with an experience I had with one particular club. 

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11 Sep 2019

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