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How much does your Health Club really know about each generation?

joehall, 15 Jul 2019

In this article, I seek to share my views on how Health Club Operators can really capitalise on the distinguishing qualities and characteristics which separate each generational group. 

We will look at the following cohorts; 

Babyboomers: –

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It's time to face the music. Give your members more of what they want.

joehall, 8 May 2019

As a health club operator, you should want to deliver the best experiences in as many ways as you can. Simple as! Therefore, you should do your best to make sure your members can listen to the music they are most comfortable with while they are working out.

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Making the most of ‘Wearable Technology’.

joehall, 24 Apr 2019

I have previously shared my views on how I believe operators can gain maximum benefit from delivering effective Small Group Training, and loyalty reward programs. In this blog, I will aim to address how Health Club operators can capitalise on another key fitness trend –

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Why HIIT should be the focal point of your class timetable.

joehall, 23 Apr 2019

The original title for this blog was ‘Could HIIT be featured more within your Group Ex Schedule?’ but during the writing of this blog, it became apparent that there are so MANY benefits to including HIIT on your Group Exercise timetable,

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The 5 biggest mistakes your Health Club is making.

23 Jul 2019

How much does your Health Club really know about each generation?

15 Jul 2019

How to leave long-lasting impressions of your health club. 7 tips to guarantee your ex-members come back

8 Jul 2019